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Stryd with Wind Detection 

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Stryd power accounts for your speed, slope, run form, fatigue, and wind, to deliver perfect pacing.

Your power number, displayed on your watch, helps you run at the right intensity for intervals, easy runs, and on race day. Real time feedback helps you adjust your pacing strategy. Stryd factors in hills, fatigue, running form, and windy conditions to comprehensively pace you.

Power reflects your instensity and effort by quantifying speed, form, elevation change and wind resistance as a single number in real-time.

It's simple. Run by a power number that reflects your intended intensity. As elevation and pace change, power keeps your effort even.

Because power is real-time you don't have to wait for your heart rate to know you are going to hard.

By running a targeted power number, you give yourself the best chance at building fitness in training and turning that into excellent performance on race day.

Stryd weighs just 8 grams. It is so light you will not even feel it!
Stryd connects over ANT+ & Bluetooth so you can connect to all of the devices you own.
Battery Life
Stryd features 1 month battery life for typical running, or 20 hours of continual running.
Splash Proof
Stryd is splash proof, so it is safe to use in the rain. Plus, you can wash it off by rinsing it in the sink.